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Fur baby wedding unity set

This is a Gorgeous way to include your little furbabies on your wedding day without feeling sad that they cannot attend.

We have over 80 Little treasures in which you can add

The maximum number of dogs that can be added to the candle is 4 as you want to be able to see the best possible photo of them ..

When ordering please state the dog breed number/s in which you would like to be added.. ( can be found in the photos)



Venue of ceremony

Number of dog

1 X Bolsius professional 250/78mm.

2 X Bolsius professional Taper Candles

Please note: all photos and images on this page are designed by opulent candles and no permission is given to copy, duplicate or use this image in any way, this includes sending screenshots to other suppliers to ask them to duplicate. if you wish to copy or reuse this image you can contact, there is a €100.00 euro royalty fee for using any images from our website for private or commercial or any purpose whatsoever.

Paw babies unity set

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