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Chic Design - Vintage-style bouquet charm


Add a photo of your loved ones who cannot attend your wedding then tie it to your bouquet to keep her/him close to you on your special day.

Angel charm included..


Put it on the bride's bouquet to cherish and commemorate the lost beloved in this special way..


Or put it inside the Groom's jacket to hold his loved one near and walk up the Aisle with him .


Charm comes with pin. It is a very strong pin so can penetrate all materials.


We want to give you a heads-up that due to their petite size, our product photos may appear slightly out of focus. Rest assured, this is intentional, as we aim to accurately showcase the intricate details and compact design. The true beauty and craftsmanship of our products are best appreciated in person. Embrace the charm of miniaturized elegance – shop now and experience the magic up close!



Please send a clear photo to

Double Photo Charm with Angel ❤️❤️

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